The following are some of the opportunities I’ve had that have helped shape me as an artist.

Freelance Photographer & Graphic Designer
I have done design work for the past 20 years starting as a teenager creating logos for high school bands and my Uncle’s construction company. Over the years I have cultivated my skills in design, photography, and many other creative projects. Many of the samples on this site are from freelance jobs I have done.

Painting Instructor
This was one of my favorite jobs. I painted for Wine & Canvas for over 5.5 years hosting events and inspiring people of all ages. Over time I learned how to hone my educational technique as well as my painting skills. Creating paintings for Wine & Canvas was not just about being able to paint, but designing paintings to be recreated using different skills and techniques to increase participants’ abilities as well.

Makeline Chef & Artistic Services
Working at Bow Tie was meant to be a simple side job slinging coffee drinks. It soon turned into opportunities to create signs and paint on the coffee shop walls, hand-lettering chalkboard specials, and decorating the windows for festive occasions. I also gained food service skills and delight in creating mini food masterpieces for each customer.

Summer Class Instructor
I taught 3 different classes over the summer at the Art Academy of Cincinnati; Clay, Poetry, and Short Stories. Teaching teenagers was a great opportunity because unlike a lot of my other experience where I was introducing people to something for the first time, these were elective classes that students already had interest in. Instead of inspiring someone for the first time I was encouraging, pushing, and helping cultivate skills that already existed.

Graphic Designer
During my time at Cincy Apparel was when I really honed my Illustrator skills. I worked under Paul Oliver, a veteran designer from Velva Sheen to create and prepare art for screen printing. This meant designing vector art for every project with color separations and the layering needed to produce great screen printing results. I then created films that would then be used to burn the screens in production. During my time with Cincy Apparel I managed the flow of the art department and handled proofing and customer contact. I also created company promotional materials and did product photography for websites. This was a fast-paced environment with a constant demand for high quality and quick turnaround.

Although the company no longer exists I had a great experience learning the ins and outs of portrait photography in a streamlined studio setting. From posing and capturing the images, to editing, sales, and even cleaning and caring for the photo equipment, this job was a valuable experience.

Preschool Teacher
What I absolutely loved about working with preschoolers was the ability to inspire and encourage creativity in their lives. I made my own curriculum and drew worksheets by hand, I taught kids how to read and paint and make paper beads. I also painted a mural in one of the classrooms.